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This world is your stage, just perform.

Who we are

The kind of company you never heard about, because nobody does it like us. We perform for you when you are busy building solutions. We build your boards while you are busy making remarkable things.

Why we are

We exist so that you don’t have to die of exhaustion. Our very presence makes sure that all your digital needs are taken care of properly while you focus on the quality of your products. 

Where you are

Join our community of young startups who are always eager to disrupt. We got their backs, they got their future. This is how it works at Ultron One Technology. 

How it starts

It all starts with a meeting. All our solutions are customisable as per your need. We don’t ask coffee startups to put tea leaves in the milk. Talk to us about what you got, anytime.

You never know

What you need, until you face it, talk about it, or discuss its aspects. That is why we promote the culture of conversation, where we help you get to know about things in detail so that you don’t have to worry about unknown disasters.

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Why internet?

This might be a wrong question to ask as nobody can deny the importance of growing strong over it. We have all our influencers, ideas, brands, products, platforms- all of them thriving over the internet.


You never realise your potential unless you step into the battleground. Your reflexes are as good as your choice of weapon and truth be told, there’s no better weapon than digital marketing for startups. Its affordable, full of opportunities, with millions of eyeballs ready to grab the new things coming their way. 

A good product can get you a name, but only a good marketing plan can spread the word.

We expertise in creating pattern-enabled analytics that help any startup to understand the internet traffic as per their product and market their idea accordingly. Our development plans are attractive, our social media game is strong and our search engine strategy is better than the best.

Current day startups

need speed to get ahead in the business. This mindset is necessary to be able to make mistakes and learn from them in time. We know the value of time and prepare a watch list for every day, in fact hours, so that nothing do they miss even for a minute. 

Hold hands, grow together with us... the journey towards excellence.

Let's get precise

Out of all the things we do, we have separate, unique list of services for startups. 

Social Media

Making social posts calendar, generating analytics, running paid campaigns, interacting on their behalf with audience.


Website design, e-commerce services, mobile application development.


Organic search engine optimisation, paid search engine campaigns, display ads on websites.


Content creation, graphical content, search engine optimised content, content for social media.


Online management of reputation on search engines and social media platforms, refining reviews.